Small Business Marketing Advertising – Making Print Advertising Work For Your Business

Print  advertising  has always played a key role in small business marketing  advertising . Newspapers, magazines, yellow pages, even yearbooks all have advertisements printed on them. If you have made an advertisement for printing before, your advertiser may have given you specific prices for different standard sizes. This is [...]

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Is Your Banner Advertising Helping Your Business?

Banner AdvertisingBanner advertising is a popular way to advertise your business online. With a banner advertisement you can attract visitors to your website from [...]

Website Advertising

As a business owner there are multiple avenues to spend your money. Business expenses might include office rent, office supplies, telephone/internet connections, etc. [...]

Technology and Advertising: An Effective Marketing Strategy

Want to get rid of traditional form of  advertising ? Have difficulties in selecting the right tool to advertise your products and services? Want to change [...]

What Are Negative Perceptions of Advertising Agencies?

What are negative perceptions of  advertising  agencies? This question primarily reflects the perception of the effects of  advertising  on [...]

Why Use Banner Advertising?

Have you ever heard of banner  advertising ? If you're a frequent Internet users, then you've most likely have heard about it or at least seen it on various [...]

Which Advertising Channel is Right For Your Event?

TV or Internet? Newspaper or Magazine? With thousands of channels available to advertise your event, choosing the right one has become increasingly difficult. This is a [...]

Advertising Agencies

Today, the  advertising  job has become so complex that normally, no business firm chooses to handle the function directly. They employ [...]

Ethics in Advertising

Making money and corrupting the morals of a minor at the same time is not my idea of ethical  advertising . Recently a television ad depicted a small boy [...]

Advertising Specialty Distributors

 Advertising  Specialty Distributors sell and market the products of various manufacturers. These distributors cater to the needs of the people by making the [...]

Market Targeting and Online Advertising

In this digital age, technology has revolutionized the tools in marketing and advertising. Advertising is defined as communication with the intention of persuading a [...]